Catwalk designers that have influenced this years S/S high-street fashion

High street fashion is always interesting to collect and watch evolve over the course of a season. This years top trends were pastels and neon colors, lace, floral prints, cutouts among plenty more. Who inspired these fashions? Check out these designers and their haute couture looks that helped make 2012’s spring and summer fashions.

Marc Jacobs via Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs has become the king of haute couture thanks to his incredible designs for Louis Vuitton and his namesake label. However, his designs for the S/S ready to wear Vuitton show are what inspired high street fashions the most. Many of his models wore well constructed pieces made of ice cream colored fabrics. Many of the standout designs were embellished with cutout lace and feathery fringe. The majority of the collection was flirty and girlish. Thanks to Jacobs, there are plenty of lace and pastel pieces in stores today.

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

Lagerfeld is a genius. His S/S 2012 collection for Chanel was breathtaking and sea inspired. Lagerfeld featured pastels and creams in his collection much like Marc Jacobs. However, Chanel’s designs where a little more whimsical and less structured. The flowy skirts and little jackets moved like water. You can catch inspired looks in many of your favorite retail shops this season.

Dolce and Gabana

Dolce and Gabana went back in time to the 1950’s with their crop top baring printed ensembles. Print heavy and vintage inspires these looks are classic Italian flair. You can find many bold floral prints and crop tops in all of the trendiest high street stores.

Donatella Versace for Versace

Donatella has made Versace one of the trendiest houses this season. Her designs were bold and full of sexy color. She was heavy on cut outs and crop tops. Slinky and sleek are two words to describe Versace’s essential style. You can catch a multitude of Versace-esque looks in all of the best retail stores. Stick to studded looks and pops of color to really pull this off.

In conclusion, these four designers and brands have proven that they are the best of the best. You can find influences from each in just about every high street store from H & M to Zara. Choose the looks that work best for you and your style to look amazing this summer.

This article was originally written on behalf of Ark Clothing who are a leading retailer of branded clothing, including labels such as womens and mens Superdry, Fred Perry, Carhartt, and Glamorous.

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